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Reinvention: The Mother of Growing Your Business

"Every seven years or so," Kalman Samuels said at a recent lawyer conference, "I feel the need to reinvent myself and these last seven years have been no exception. In fact, these last seven years have proven to me that change is inevitable and out of it comes growth, and growth means increased business."

Kalman Samuels, Q.C., chief advocate of the Montreal family law firm, Kalman Samuels, Q.C. & Associates housed in Montreal, Quebec, is a veteran attorney with over 50 years experience in the judicial field. At one time, Me. Samuels enjoyed a reputation as a “Divorce Lawyer” but in one of his reinventions, he built a stronger reputation as an International Family Lawyer, specializing in divorce, child custody and international child abduction cases. This reinvention has identified him and his firm in a more well-rounded niche and positioned themselves as a solid resource in this area.

"The manner in which a Family Law attorney gained clients in the past was from one of two ways: as a referral from the client's corporate lawyer or from the 'old boys' network.' " These occur less and less now but gaining clients is still the bread and butter of every law firm. The new way of doing business is to have a web-presence. People seeking a lawyer will simply look one up on the internet and, because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you have a website that identifies your niche and answers the questions the person is asking. When they arrive at the website, they need an easy reference to use with helpful information. A professional look with accurate information focused on usability is half of your battle. The other half is getting them to your website.

"The merits of doing business in this manner are two-fold: it is the way the world does business now and you are moving with the times, keeping pace with technology and ahead of your competition. The other virtue is that at your disposal is a world of opportunity. When you market yourself on the World Wide Web, you are no longer a local lawyer; you are an international lawyer. By identifying yourself as the specialty that you are-International Family Law, Elder Law, Personal Injury—you are found by potential clients searching for these keywords. Each potential lead is therefore more defined and more likely to become a client. By doing this, you reduce the number of calls with little potential and place your time and resources on those leads that will generate clients, income, and reputation."

Me. Samuels' reinvention has opened a completely new market for him and his firm. By having both a marketing presence and a reliable resource for solid information on the work they do and the most frequently asked questions, the Kalman Samuels, QC & Associates website provides a vital link with present and future clients. Reinvention is indeed the mother of business growth. We look forward to Me. Samuels next phase.


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